How You Can Prevent a Brain Attack?

By: Yuma Regional Medical Center Many in the medical community now use the phrase “brain attack” in place of “stroke.” That’s because strokes have lots in common with heart attacks. A heart attack happens when an artery that delivers blood to the heart becomes blocked. Deprived of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood, heart tissue begins to […]

Celebrating Hope and Healing

 Celebrating Hope and Healing is this year’s theme for National Hospital Week.  All week we will share the videos and photos through our communications. And there’s a lot to celebrate! For more than a century, hospitals have played a central role in our nation’s healthcare system, serving as a key community anchor institution caring for […]

Virtual Care II

By: Kerry Luciani, Business Intelligence Manager, Healthcare Resource Group Inc. This year, Medicare (CMS), began paying for virtual care visits under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. As recently published in the fee schedule regulations, this is what we know: THE NEW VIRTUAL VISIT CODE (HCPCS CODE G2012), IS DESCRIBED AS: Brief communication technology-based service, e.g. […]

May 21 Web Briefing: Making Sense of Medicare-For-All and Other Plans to Expand Public Coverage

With the new Democratic House majority and many 2020 presidential candidates talking about what’s next in health care, there’s renewed attention on reforms that would expand coverage and make health care more affordable. These include proposals to create a national Medicare-for-all plan, a public plan option, and allowing some Americans to buy into existing public…More […]

Nurses Providing Hope and Healing

Yesterday was the official start of National Nurses Week – a chance to honor and recognize the women and men who play such a critical role in health and healthcare across Arizona and around our country. There will be many opportunities to celebrate those nurses at all levels with May 8th being National Student Nurse Day and […]

The Cards Nurses Really Play

It’s almost the start of National Nurses Week – a chance to honor and recognize the women and men who play such a critical role in health and healthcare across Arizona. In the blog below, Julia Strange, AzHHA Board member and Benson Hospital CEO, shares the important and various roles nurses play in healthcare. The healthcare industry […]

From Ballot Initiative to Waivers: What is the Status of Medicaid Expansion in Utah?

The Utah legislature significantly changed and limited the Medicaid coverage expansion that was adopted by the voters through a ballot initiative in November 2018. This issue brief explains new provisions in Utah’s recently amended Section 1115 Medicaid waiver and the forthcoming amendments that the state is expected to submit to CMS, including a request for […]